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Antelope at 525 yards, Antelope at 480 yards and Mule Deer at 200 yards

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Here are David Guimbellot, Nick Nichols and Blake Ward walking up to retrieve a Wyoming Pronghorn killed with one shot at 525 yards with a Dixie Precision .270 WSM in the fall of 2009. The wind was 10mph from the direction of 100 degrees. There were approximately 100 Antelope in the field and they were all bedded down. David and I both independently judged all of the antelope to pick out the biggest one. We both then told each other which one was the biggest and we had both agreed on the same animal. I was David's spotter. Since the animal was lying down, with the 10" grass and a range of 525 yards, all we could see was his head, neck and shoulder blades. We made the calculations for windage and bullet drop and since the Antelope was facing away from us, we decided to place the bullet right in between the shoulder blades for the most effective kill shot. I watched the Antelope through binoculars as David squeezed the trigger. Approximately 1 second after the "boom", the Antelopes head went from sitting upright to lying down in the grass. That was the only movement the animal made after the shot was fired. The other 99 or so Antelope stood up and looked at this one lying in the grass wondering what had just happened. We were congratulating each other on the fine shot and the other Antelope just stood there in disbelief. After retrieving the animal, we found that David's shot resulted in a bullet path traveling from the abdominal cavity into the chest cavity and into the heart and lungs. On this trip 3 shots were fired: Antelope at 525 yards, Antelope at 480 yards and Mule deer at 200 yards.
Blake Ward
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