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I have a private 500 yard Rifle Range in Wayne Co… I am going to be getting it ready to run 400 yard Clay shoots, similar to the Utopia Clay Shoot in Utopia, TX and the Lone Star Shootout at TACPRO in Mingus, TX. Except with cash payouts. Would there be any interest from you fellow shooters?
Format is as follows:
Entry Fee: $100.00 per Shooter. You can only enter one time.
Entry Fees are non-transferable due to the invitational nature of the shoot.
Payout if 25 Shooters enter will be as follows:
1st Place Pays: $1,000.00 or 40% of Total Entry Fees
2nd Place Pays: $500.00 or 20% of Total Entry Fees
3rd Place Pays: $250.00 or 10% of Total Entry Fees
4th Place Pays: $125.00 or 5% of Total Entry Fees
5th Place Pays: $62.50 or 2.5% of Total Entry Fees
If less than 25 Shooters enter, payout Dollar amount will be reduced accordingly but the percentage will remain the same.

Shootout Format:
1. There will be five Relays, five Flights and five Benches. Bench and Flight Position will be will be randomly generated by Excel before the Shootout begins.
2. We will be shooting from 400 yards at Clay Pigeons.
3. There will be eight targets mounted on a 4’ x 4’ sheet of Black Board:
1ea. Standard 108mm Clay worth 10 Points.
2ea. Midi 90mm Clays worth 20 Points each.
5ea. Mini 60mm Clays worth 30 Points each.
*There will be a 90 minute sighter period before the Shootout begins.
4. You will be allowed, per Relay, 10 rounds at the bench and 8 minutes to shoot them.
5. You will need 50 rounds to complete the Shootout.
6. The Shooter with the Highest Point Total at the end of the day wins.
7. Ties will be broken by the number of 60mm, 90mm and 108mm clays broken in that order. In the case of any tie that cannot be broken by that means, a target will be posted for each shooter in the tie. They will be allowed one shot only. The closest to the center wins.

Classes and Restrictions:
1. There is only one Class (UNLIMITED) – as long as it doesn’t violate the restrictions below it will be allowed.
2. No Rail Guns or Return to Battery Guns.
3. No Calibers over .40 Caliber.
4. No one piece rests or vices.
5. No Wind Flags.
6. No Spotting for your Buddy while they are shooting their round.
7. Muzzle Brakes are allowed as long as they are not Clam type or Side Discharge Only.
8. There is no weight limit.
9. You can shoot as many guns as you would like.
10. No alcohol consumption allowed at the Graham Range until the Shootout has been completed.
11. There are no sighting device restrictions.
12. All family members and non-shooters are welcome and encouraged.

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All one class! I have not held a shoot yet. As far as I know there is not any of this type of shoot outside of TX. I've got a Buddy that Shoots at the Utopia shoot and he says it is a blast. Anything from a Hot 22-250 to a .338 Lapua would be fine Rifle rest or Bipod. the 60mm clays are approx. 2.3 inches. Thats just over 1/2 MOA at 400. Should be easy :thumbup:
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