Anybody into swords?

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  1. boogerbear

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    I've always wanted a good Viking type sword. One that I could actually use if need be. Lol. Anybody into swords or know any good quality ones? About what a usable one would cost?
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    There's tons of reproductions for sale. Prices run from $50 to a couple grand. In this case you don't always get what you pay for in the higher priced swords. I don't personally know of any reputable sources, but I'd steer clear of Ebay and the like. Do some serious homework before you buy - talk to a couple museums, read some books. Stay away from anything that's full of bling. The real battle swords of any culture are simple and unadorned, but made of quality steels by smiths who knew what was required of a sword and what wasn't. Battle swords are heavy, and designed to lop off heads and limbs and punch thru armor - generally to take a beating and keep on ticking.

    Much like the difference between a GI issue 1911a1, and a heavily engraved and tweaked pistol from Jesse James. The former is designed to withstand the rigors of combat and kill on command, the later is suitable for hanging on a display and rarely, if ever, fired.
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  3. 2DARK2C

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    I've wanted a cold steel cutlass for years. there is merit to a good sword, never requires a reload and never jams if you do your part!
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    Down in The P.I. I came across an old Jap sword from ww2 that someone had cut ground down a little bit longer than a machete they were using as a cane knife. it was a machine stamped sword ,industrialized, common to the NCO's , not a hand made one. Still holds a damn fine edge. Then some silversmith did some work on the grip and scabbard.
    Unless you are looking for wow factor on length...I'd stay with a short sword for defense inside a house.
    On thinking about it, a short handled war/fighting axe would be ideal as well, talk about striking fear into a would be attacker
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    I stopped at Subic (P.I.) on a few Westpac floats back in the 80's. There was always a few flips at the lower MEF camp pushing wheel barrels of ice with bottled drinks and others selling homemade cutlery from knives to swords. I still have an oversized Kbar I managed to buy right before I blew my E-4 paycheck at Magsaysay St. in Olongapo.
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  6. Oldbuzzard

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  7. here are a couple.

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  8. Hoot G

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    I bought a dagger and a gayang (short sword) from the Negritos at Clark AB when I was there on temporary duty in 1979-80. Still have the gayang, and still use it as a machete around the yard.

    It looks a lot like the one in Frodo's photo, second from the right.
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  9. Lefty2Guns

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    Cold steel has some swords that seem pretty sturdy, in as many shapes as you'd ever need. They have testing videos of most every model as well, if I recall. My main problem with CS is most of their production is in Taiwan.
    Swords | Cold Steel

    Busse Combat and their brother companies swamp rat and scrap yard make tough stuff. Busse has a proprietary steel that is fantastic for hard use. USA made.
    Busse makes knives in batches, and often do not make that exact model again for many years or decades, if ever again. They actually happen to have a sword available right now in a good carbon steel. They make great blades, but do not make sheaths. They have many sheath makers, leather and kydex as well as others, that make sheaths for Busse blades, but you will have to buy it from the sheath maker directly in most cases. Popular pattern Busse knives often sell on bladeforums at huge mark ups sometimes, even when heavily used, due to how popular some of the models became, and not being available during years of new collectors coming on the scene.
    AK-47 Battle Grade

    Another interesting brand is called zombie tools. Some of their stuff names seem corny but they actually use a good carbon steel, and all of their stuff is made in the states. Many unique blade shapes and come with kydex sheaths with optional leather.
    Blades Archives - Zombie Tools

    RMJ tactical is pretty much the premier tomahawk company in the US, and they have recently gotten into knives. They have a couple large bowie knives and probably will eventually get around to a sword. USA made.
    Production Shop - Page 1 - RMJ Tactical
    Best of luck.
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  10. I got mine from the Negritos At Clark AB
    about 6 years before you
    prob. the same darn guy !!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. GunnyGene

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    There are some subtle differences in the "machine made" japanese military swords that you may not be aware of. Many of the swords were power hammer forged beginning around 1900 from bar stock, while in the later years just prior to and thru the end of WWII they were "stamped" out. Normally those later ones would have a inscription on the blade indicating date of manufacture and factory. The earlier ones had no inscription on the blade, but rather had detailed information in Japanese characters on the tang. The scabbard (if you have it) also helps in dating the sword.

    Mine dates to the early 1930's. Blade length is approx 27.5" which is Katana length, thickness at the spine is ~.25", and it weighs ~3 lbs. Captured during the Okinawa invasion by my late Uncle Dale.

    Pic of tang inscription:


    It's interesting to compare the Japanese and US military swords of the same period. The Navy officer sword in this pic was my fathers, and as you can see, it's much less stout and heavily engraved - not suitable for battle at all.

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  12. mascott

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    Eaglestroker has a spike tomahawk made by May, both on here, that I would love to have!
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    My uncle brought a sword back from Iwo Jima. Other relatives have it now. I think it was a NCO sword.
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    Could be. As I remember, they all looked like they were either 14 years old or 112 years old. Nice folks, but don't pi$$ them off.

    "Made from Jeep leaf spring!"
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  15. boogerbear

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    I like this style. This one is like $300. It says it can be used but $300 just seems cheap. Maybe it's not
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  16. they were hired by the base commander to help patrol the fence around the base.
    5 pounds of rice for each person the caught sneaking in.
    the next morning, there were 10 bodies hanging on the fence each with a smiling negreto standing next to it.
    LOL..The commander, spoke to the negreito Chief
    told him they can not have them killing the locals
    and that the tribe was fired from that job.
    The Chief said nothing.
    The next morning, ALL of the flight line MP's
    [2 per plane with m 16's,]
    had a chalk ''X'' on their boot.
    The Chief, asked the commander if he was sure they were fired.
    LOL LOL they got their job as guards back
    as long as they didnt kill everyone
  17. Hoot G

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    I remember hearing about that when I was there!

    A buddy of mine lived off base, in a compound guarded by Negritos. Some of the residents decided not to pay the guards. Their houses got broken into within a week. The folks that paid didn't have a problem. Everybody paid after that, and there was no more problems in that compound.

    Great guys to have on your side. :)
  18. DEADEYE 1

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    I have a couple. I would like to have one of the really nice Japanese swords.
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  19. JMS39339

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    And Axes! I have a duplicate set of the axes I use. Only the one sword. The wife (Awesome Wife!) bought me the second set to be wall hangers.