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Anyone have a Para Ordnance G I Expert?

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Thinking about getting one, whats your thoughts on this one? Will it feed everything? Accurate?
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I have one; I started a thread on this back when I was contemplating the purchase. Since then I have put 800+ rounds through it, mostly Fed and Win FMJ but also Speer Gold Dot JHP with not one single malfunction. It is a basic .45 ACP, 1911 pistol, not a competition gun, but that is what I wanted. Here is what I did this afternoon, firing at 10yds rapid fire, 8rds Speer Gold Dot JHP:

(sorry it's sideways forgot to orient it on the camera)
and here is the thread on this forum prior to / since my purchase:
In summary, I recommend this pistol for a utilitarian .45 ACP. If you want to compete, you need to get a competition pistol. But you won't go wrong with this one for a SD or recreational 1911 pistol, in my opinion-which is of course worth what you paid for it! Good Luck!
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That's really weird. Another club member who shoots HP rifle with us liked mine so much he bought one a week after I did; he also has not had a single malfunction of any kind. Is your friend's son shooting factory ammunition? Mine is smooth as glass and has never hiccuped.
That's what I paid; got mine at Ginn's Gunworks in Tylertown. Chad is a good guy to deal with.
One of our club members did tell me that the high-capacity (double stack mags) models had had problems in the past, now that you mention it...
Let us know when you get it and how it shoots!!
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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