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Anyone have a Para Ordnance G I Expert?

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Thinking about getting one, whats your thoughts on this one? Will it feed everything? Accurate?
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A friend's son who is in the 82nd Airborne bought a special edition Para that they made just for them, all engraved and marked for the 82nd.

So far, it's a piece of junk: Failures to feed, fire, extract, eject....the whole nine.

It's headed back to the factory as we speak.

Really disappointed me too, as I've always heard Para made a first-rate product.

Scharfschuetze said:
That's really weird. Another club member who shoots HP rifle with us liked mine so much he bought one a week after I did; he also has not had a single malfunction of any kind. Is your friend's son shooting factory ammunition? Mine is smooth as glass and has never hiccuped.
He says all he's shot in it is several different brands of 230 gr. hardball. You'd think any 1911 would run that without a hiccup. His IS a hi-cap, don't know if that makes a diff., but Para has been building hi-caps for ages - you wouldn't think it would matter.

He just got a bad one. That can happen with anything I suppose. From what I've heard of Para, I have every confidence that they'll straighten it out or replace it with a new one.

1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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