Anyone know of a good shooting spot in the Gulfport area

Discussion in 'South Mississippi' started by crackshotAR15, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. crackshotAR15

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    I am not looking for a Range, I don't like the rules and mostly, i don't like shooting next to idiots. (I have had some bad experiences)

    Anyone know of a good shooting spot that is open to the public where i can take my family to shoot. I want to bring my own targets to practice marksmanship and carry drills.
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  2. TwangBanger

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    You have the De Soto National Forest, which starts just north of Gulfport.
    According to the Code of Federal Regulations (title 36), recreational shooting can take place on the National Forests and Grasslands under these conditions:
    1. You are at least 150 yards from a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation area or occupied area.
    2. You are not shooting across or on a National Forest System Road or an adjacent body of water.
    3. You are not shooting into or within a cave.
    4. You are not shooting in any manner or place where any person, property or resource is exposed to injury or damage as a result of such discharge.
    5. You are not firing any tracer bullet or incendiary ammunition.
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  3. Southern Reloading

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    Well I hate to say this and am not saying it to start anything! If I wanted to take my family shooting for whatever the reason, I would certainly want to go to a place first that had rules and second that enforced them. Those who don't follow the rules come in to the category you mention. While the National Forest allows shooting during hunting season, I think this is the only time, what about the guy you don't see who starts firing at or around you and your family. Personally wouldn't like that at all. I'd opt for a "Range with Rules". JMO
  4. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy I could only pick one, extra money, or guns.

    I'm not a big fan of ranges myself, but I'm lucky enough to have private land I can shoot on.
  5. SMissCCJ

    SMissCCJ Glad to be here

    McHenry range ran by MDWF is a nice facility.
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  7. phillipd

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    First choice would be Coast rifle and pistol range, next would be McHenry. I'm over 3 hours away from either but have shot a good bit at both. Both are really nice
  8. CajunBP

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    There's really aren't any go out in the woods and shoot locations here on the coast, at least that I have found. I did go up to that little shooting spot on. New York near Wiggins...spent more time worried about getting shot or robbed. Give it a shot, it may work for you. I sure miss being out west where there was millions of acres to shoot on. I joined Coast Pistol and Rifle and haven't regretted it.
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    Me & Bobcat braved the cold to spend a little time at Coast Pistol and Rifle this afternoon. There are a few places in Desoto National Forrest, but I wouldn’t risk it during deer season. Especially when they’re running dogs - don’t wanna be around those yahoos.
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  10. TwangBanger

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    I've been a member at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club since about 2003. It's by far the best option for a place to shoot near Gulfport.

    The McHenry range is nice, but I do most of my shooting Monday-Thursday early in the mornings from 7:30 AM till about 10:00 AM. McHenry is closed on Mon, Tue and Wed; and they don't open until NOON on Thu and Fri, 10 AM on Sat, and 1 PM on Sun. Plus there's always about a gazillion people there on weekends. At Coast R&P, I can go anytime I want, any day I want.