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anyone use VZ grips?

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Does anyone here have any of the VZ grips, such as the aliens, diamondbacks, gators, recons,or operators?
I want some for my 1911, but cant feel the grips without buying some. I can buy a set and ship them back if I want a different set, but I want to feel some of them if possible before I order.

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I have the 320's and the Aliens. I feel that the 320's are too smooth for me but they are by no means slick and the Aliens are nice and grippy but can abrade my side when I ride my motorcycle. I do want to try the Elite Tactical Carry, I think they will be the proper blend of both with grip where it's needed and it won't rub a hole in my spare tire :p

I'll bring the grips I have and may have another set by the time the meet rolls around.

nhstk02 said:
Hammer, better pm me before the Meet and Greet, or I'll forget.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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