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API 2 man stand

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Finally got around to putting my stands out yesterday. Only hunt about 25 acres so I only have 2 ladders. One is an old strongbuilt and the new one is an API 2 man. Think its called the ultimate or something. It is a very comfy ladder with thick cushion seat and shooting rail.

We have done a good bit of clearing and cutting lanes this year so I'm hoping it will pay off. This is on our dirt plot and offers an incredible view. The wife and I sat out there for a couple hours today. This is her first year to really get into deer hunting so I want to make it as comfortable for her as possible. I've spent more money this year on clothes and deer stands than I ever have and none of it has really been for me. Lol

We are both getting excited about the season opening.

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Step her up to the 7mm-08. If she decides she doesn't like it, you'll have a great deer gun. I'll be taking my son for the first time this year!
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