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AR build - 16 or 20 inch barrel?

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Well, I've decided to build an AR. I'm pretty well set on how I want it to come together. I do have some questions about barrel length though. The rifle should be relatively light and easy to handle. I'd like to make head shots on the occasional deer inside of 250 yrds but it will mostly be used as a general purpose rifle. Long range beaver kills, home defense, plinking, and zombie apocalypse type situations. The military claims combat accuracy out to about 500 yrds with the carbine. Will the 16 inch barrel really provide me with the accuracy that I'm looking for or should I step up to a 20 inch barrel?
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You're going to get a lot of opinions here. Heres mine.

I have a couple of 5.56 16" AR's and they are good to 200yds (at my skill level) for plinking and varmints. They can reach 300, but I'd only try to punch paper at that range.

My next build will be a 6.8, or 300BLK in a 16". They'll take deer inside of 200 (my comfort zone) and can reach beyond 300 and still have knockdown power and accuracy. A longer barrell doesn't do much for you in those calibers.

After that, I'll build a 5.56 hbar 20" with a twist rate for heavier bullets. The 16" does all I want, but the 20" can hold its accuracy a little longer and doesn't need a flash hider. I know guys that regularly take does with one of these and a Barnes TSX, but these guys are deadeye shots and they only take deer inside of 100 with that round.

Now I'll go put on my flame suit for the dissenting opinions.
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