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AR Dot Sight

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Within the next month I will be purchasing some type of dot sight for my AR. What do you reccommend? I prefer a 1 moa dot and will be staying under $300. Also, if you have one you wouldn't mind parting ways with, PM me.
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I would love to have an EoTech, if I can find one on sale or from another person. Is that an EoTech on KilRoy's? I loved it! I believe it has a 1 moa dot with a larger circle, isn't that right?
I get my boots free through work! Gotta pony up for the optics though!
Where's that easy button?
Sounds good! I'll be looking forward to it!
Alright, so I am down to bushnell holosight and one of the eotechs, preferrably one that uses aa's. It will still be a couple or three weeks before I have my funds in order. Man, putting together that AR has wiped me out! Where did I put the kids' piggy banks???????!!!!
Another thought on this, if I buy the bushnell, instead of the eotech, I will have enough left over to buy a back up sight system. I like the look of the MagPuls. Any thoughts on them or another brand in the same price range? Where can I get the best prices on MagPul stuff? Anyone got some BUS's they want to part with?
Easy on the plastic, that's how I make my living! We make PVC though, probably not what they use in their sights. I like the YHM's, but they are high for my tastes. If I come across some used ones for a good price, I will jump on them!
Hadn't thought about the heat! I will be mounting the front on the gas block. I did find a couple different ones on amazon.com for about the same price as the magpuls, and they were metal.
1 - 9 of 22 Posts
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