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AR Dot Sight

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Within the next month I will be purchasing some type of dot sight for my AR. What do you reccommend? I prefer a 1 moa dot and will be staying under $300. Also, if you have one you wouldn't mind parting ways with, PM me.
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Shooter said:
I have an EoTech on my AR and a Bushnell on my Hnadi Rifle 44 mag primitive weapon. The difference is the power button and the housing not being on the Bushnell. Had I used the Bushnell first I never would have popped for the EoTech.
Same here -- bought the EoTech and it is great. Was at the range one day and shoot the Bushnell ... no diference, IMHO. Bought the Bushnell for another AR and now how both .. the Bushnell has held up good .... I actually like the Bushnell buttons a little better than the EoTech; especially with the 3X mounted .... Like the metal housing around the EoTech as well as the lens covers that are available for it ...
bubbat said:
I got a Truglo 2.5moa and it's hard to see in the daylight, I think I made a mistake buying it. Go with 4moa. Eotech is probably the best but finding one under $300 is going to be hard, there are 3 Bushnell HoloSights on gunbroker right now for less than $300. Eotech builds them for Bushnell, main difference is power button and plastic housing.
I own both the Busnell and EoTech ... for the $$s the Bushnell is the best buy. Just be careful with it because it does not come with metal housing ... my has held up very well over the past 3 years .. you CAN NOT tell the difference when looking through either of them -- they are identical IMHO. Both hold zero fairly well.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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