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AR Dot Sight

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Within the next month I will be purchasing some type of dot sight for my AR. What do you reccommend? I prefer a 1 moa dot and will be staying under $300. Also, if you have one you wouldn't mind parting ways with, PM me.
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1 moa :thinking:

Never looked through a 1 moa before. Seems like it would be hard to see in bright sunshine. I like 4 myself. You planning on using it at longer distance or something? Why 1 moa?
I can't get past the fact that they are plastic. (Magpul)

Have you looked at Yankee Hill Machine?


I'm thinking about getting the QDS sights. I saw some with a Spikes Tactical logo on them. They would look great with my lower!

I am also leaning towards the Bushnell holo for my build.

If you want to get a cheaper red dot that still works good, try a Vortex Strikefire. I have had one for about 9 months and it works great! It has always held zero and it is still on its original batteries thanks to the auto-off feature. The dot very bright and the optic is easy to see through. Looks pretty good, too.

4 moa red or green dot with night vision mode, flip up lens caps, and 1/2 moa adjustments. It also comes with a 2x doubler! I think I paid $150 for it. Chicken feed when talking about optics.

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