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AR Dot Sight

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Within the next month I will be purchasing some type of dot sight for my AR. What do you reccommend? I prefer a 1 moa dot and will be staying under $300. Also, if you have one you wouldn't mind parting ways with, PM me.
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Optics for the AR need to be rugged as you know and able to handle whatever comes it's way. Although we try to handle with care sometines things happen . In such cases I have found out that the lower end optics don't handle these oop's as well as the higher quality ones do . Please keep this in mind when shopping , you do get what you pay for.
bubbat said:
I got a Truglo 2.5moa and it's hard to see in the daylight, I think I made a mistake buying it. Go with 4moa. Eotech is probably the best but finding one under $300 is going to be hard, there are 3 Bushnell HoloSights on gunbroker right now for less than $300. Eotech builds them for Bushnell, main difference is power button and plastic housing.
I own both the Busnell and EoTech ... for the $$s the Bushnell is the best buy. Just be careful with it because it does not come with metal housing ... my has held up very well over the past 3 years .. you CAN NOT tell the difference when looking through either of them -- they are identical IMHO. Both hold zero fairly well.
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