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AR in 300 AAC Blackout?

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Anyone have an AR in 300 Blackout? Reading about this caliber on the internet it sounds almost too good to be true. I realize ammo is hard to find but I'm ok with reloading for it. If you've got one and/or reload this caliber, I'd like to know what your experiences have been. Thanks in advance for your reply.
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Does anyone know if a ar with a 16in bbl will cycle subsonic loads Without a can?or would i have to modify buffer spring or gas system, the upper will have a carbine length gas tube, im asking this because im in the process of building this gun but i just acquired 250rounds of factory subsonic ammo for a price i couldnt pass up, thanks guys
Awsome i will be shooting some 225grain otm, made by right to bear ammo, never heard of this brand but my brother inlaw bought 800 rounds of it and says its ok stuff, he has a sbr with can ,and also a rem bolt action in blackout
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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