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AR on the way

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So i ordered me an ar yesterday and they were out of the one i wanted which was the flat top so i went with a carry handle model. The handle is removable but it's got the front site on it. I was thinking of running optics on it so it seems that it would be in the way. Anyone know any good gas blocks to change it out with. one with either a picatiny rail or folding front site? Thanks!
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I don't know any but will pass this along, if you're planning on putting on BUIS's, make sure they're steel. MagPul makes some good ones but they're made of some kind of polymer that won't hold up to the heat. What brand/model did you get? Too bad you couldn't get that M&P. I paid about a hundred and a half more for mine. If I hadn't bought a few guns lately, I might have jumped on that myself.
That the other one listed in the ad? That's still a great deal. Put you some optics on there before you take off the front sight. I shot one a friend had and the front sight never bother us a bit. Been a while so I forget the setup but not much mod's to the rifle.
Careful not to carry it by the 'carry handle', they are bad about coming off. I think I like that model better than the flattop one too. You start getting into BUIS', you'll be out more than a hundred. They're proud of them.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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