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AR on the way

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So i ordered me an ar yesterday and they were out of the one i wanted which was the flat top so i went with a carry handle model. The handle is removable but it's got the front site on it. I was thinking of running optics on it so it seems that it would be in the way. Anyone know any good gas blocks to change it out with. one with either a picatiny rail or folding front site? Thanks!
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I got a M&P it's the not the flat top one they were out. It was a 100 more but i already had it in my mind to get one so you know i just couldn't say ohwell! lol

sub gun.... what kind of optics are you running? are they on the handle or on the rail?

Also i was wanting to add some picatinny rails for light handle ect ect... what's good to get?
Yeah it's the other one. Hated spending that extra 100 but still cheaper than i've seen around you know? I'm gonna play with it when it comes in and see how i like it. But i figured while i wait i'll explore other options as well. I'm just glad the carry handle is removable.
hahaha. I like it bc now i don't have to jump right in to spend the money for some optics right off!
Is that a riser under the scope
Did you have to do that to get over the front site
as a structural engineer i hope your eyes are fine :D lol
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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