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AR Pistol?

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I see several pistol kits for ARs, would I have to have a lower made to be a pistol? Or can I use any lower, witout the stock?
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AR Pistol Lowers have to be transferred as a Pistol not a Rifle on ATF form 4473 if the Lower you want to use was on a Rifle or is registered as a Rifle it cannot be used to build a AR Pistol because it could be considered a SBR if a LEO runs the numbers and it comes back as a Rifle.
Ironworker said:
Guess it doesn't have to make sense it's just the law. No gun is worth ten years. Had an extra lower, but will just have to think of another project for it. Thanks for the info.
Yep, the problem is once the lower has been transferred as a Rifle it will always be a rifle no going back and changing it. AR Pistols are overrated they'll get you some cool points at the range and that's about it.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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