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AR upper in 7.62x25?

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This may be a silly question
but has anyone run across an upper is this caliber (7.62x25)?
I got a couple of tins of ammo for cz52 and was wondering if there was a longarm out there I could use it in. would rather not go looking for a ppsh.
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I've had over 5k rounds of 7.62x25 for some time so I was excited to see the AR-15/M-16 DI uppers come out for this hot little bottle neck round. Unfortunately the two guys I shoot with always seem to have problems with their's in full auto. One is a factory Colt and the other is a RDIAS gun.

I've seen it all... FTFeed, FTFire, and stove pipes. These may well be OK in semi auto, but I'm very disappointed they don't run better in full auto or I'd have purchased one months ago and been smiling at shooting a hot round for less money than you can reload 9mm.

It chokes with the extended stick mags or the converted drums.

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