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AR10 type preferences?

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Looking to get a new "AR10" type weapon, .308 / 7.62. Considering the
Armalite AR10A4 ( http://www.armalite.com/ItemForm.aspx?item=10A4CBF&ReturnUrl=Categories.aspx?Category=f4bd4a13-55d1-41aa-aea0-49488ec48776 ),
DPMS Panther LR-308 AP4 ( http://www.dpmsinc.com/store/products/?prod=4854 ),
Rock River Arms LAR-8 308 mid length A4 ( http://www.rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=255 )
I've read lots of discussion regarding magazine availablility and price varying between brands.
What are your thoughts? Who owns or has shot what? Reliability? Price difference? Proprietary vs. availablility or parts / accessories? Thanks in advance for your input!

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I have an Armalite AR-10 that was tweaked for long range shooting, though it's never been past 300yd. (I've never done more than zero it and plink in its' two outings. :tears:). But it shoots like it has some *real* potential--< .75MOA so far with 5-shot FGM 168 OEM ammo.

I bought it about 7 years ago, before the other brands came out in full force. Today, there's a lot of accepted brands, DPMS, DD, RR in the AR format, and some have broken out big in the '10 field, but one that is really making a big name and getting rave reviews is Patriot Ordnance Factory, partly because their gun isn't an impingement mechanism, but a gas piston gun.

If I was thinkin' about an AR-10 today, it would be one I'd consider very heavily vs. the Armalite design, and I dunno how I'd make my final choice... mebbe sentimentality would win out--it's for sure I ain't unhappy with an Armalite in the safe, but I dunno that I'd be as happy with a DPMS, Eagle, RRA, etc. It'd be like buying a Kimber instead of a Colt to satiate a lust for a 70 Series 1911.
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