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AR15 Barrels

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Now that ive shot out my first AR barrel, im on the look out for another one.

I found a Daniel Defense M4 contour Chrome lined 1:7 twist for $170
Which is what Delton.com wanted for the M4 contour 1:9 twist that i just got thru burning up.

Does anyone own this DD barrel?
Its backordered so i have a lil time to shop around.

Thanks guys.
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That is the barrel I have. It shoots sub MOA with my reloads.
Mine didn't do well with the 75 gr hornady's and H335. Didn't try any other powders. It shoots the 69gr Noslers well enough. I play with it some more one day, but I am on my .30-06 now.
I think we are going to try Varget in a .308 and .30-06. If it does well, I may try it in .223 also.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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