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Article on barrel cleaning

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Doc, May 4, 2016.

  1. Doc

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    I am again posting a link to a an article in the latest edition of Shooting Sports USA, a publication of the NRA. If you are currently getting this publication, my apologies for duplication of what you have already had opportunity to review.
    For as long as I have been shooting there have been discussions and debates about barrel cleaning. There are as many barrel cleaning techniques as Carter has little liver pills. As many of you have done, I have tried a lot of them and modified some to fit what I liked, or wanted to do. I have done this for muzzle loaders (flint locks and cap locks), black powder cartridge rifles, hand guns, bolt action sporters and match rifles, semi-auto rifles (sporters an tricked-out match rifles), small bore sporters and small bore match rifles and semi-auto, pump and break open shotguns. Through trial an error (as little error as humanly possible) I, and I am sure you too, have settled on a technique for cleaning. However, I am always willing to try something else to see it it is better.
    To me the absolute main thing to do while cleaning a weapon's barrel (regardless of type) is to NOT DAMAGE IT with your activity. I hope the second articles will deal with cleaning rods, rod guides and which chemicals to avoid mixing.

    The article is two part, this link to part one. I hope I can remember to post part two when it comes out. Articles of this nature are generally somewhat general but hopefully you will find it informative and perhaps stimulate you to subscribe and/or learn more.

    Let the Barrel Tell You: Match Barrel Care, Part 1
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    Good article. Thanks for posting it.

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    Good article. Really like more than just the author's opinion. :)