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Assault weapons?????????????

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I want someone to give me a accurate description of an assault weapons?
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dnr1128 said:
I think a pistol grip and detachable magazine are two traits of "assault weapons." But practially, if it looks like something the military uses, then its an assault weapon.

Functionally, there is no difference between my AR and my marlin .22LR. Both are semi-automatic rifles.
Not trying to be an as*, but then couldn’t you classify a pistol as an assault weapon? My Walther P22 has a pistol grip and a detachable magazine with 10 rounds of 22lr. Does that make it an assault weapon? I agree with what bubbat said, that basically anything that shoots a projectile out of a barrel at a high enough velocity to cause serious injury or death could be technically used to attack or “assault” a position or person or group of people in a fortified position.

The media and the government like to throw around the term “assault weapon” or “assault rifle” to scare people who know nothing about firearms. “Assault” rifle sounds scary and to someone who is untrained or unfamiliar with firearms will believe anything that the media or government tells them an assault rifle is.

Also, do you consider the Remington 700 to be an assault rifle? Military snipers use the Remington 700, as well as hunters in the backwoods of Mississippi. Does that mean since the military uses that rifle it should be considered an assault weapon? (Of course that answer depends if you are the hunter or the deer on the other side of the scope.)

The Military channel did a show that had a countdown of the top 10 assault rifles in history. Some of the weapon systems that made the list was the 1903 Springfield (a bolt-action 5 round capacity rifle), the Mauser K98k Carbine (a bolt-action 5 round capacity rifle), the M1 Garand (semi-auto yes, but I don’t know if you can consider the 8-round clip as a detachable magazine), and the Lee-Enfield SMLE (bolt-action 10 round capacity rifle). So technically would you consider those to be assault rifles?

Just throwing my .02cents out there. Like I said, I am not trying to come across as an as*, just giving my perspective on the issue.

Kevin :fe:
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[quote="dnr1128Kevin :fe: [/quote]

I think you may have misunderstood me. I'm not saying that I class those things as "assault weapons" but that those are two of the criteria used to, and justify a particular firearm as, stated weapon. According to the ban, the characteristics I cited are part of the criteria.

I might also add to what you say about the history of military weapons. The firearms that the military uses generally become accepted in modified versions among civilians. Bolt actions were once the standard for the military, now they are a staple for hunters. The same trend holds true with the AR platform.

BTW, welcome to the forum! :hi: [/quote]

Your right. And like I said, I hope you did not take that like I was trying to be an as*. Thank you.

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