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Assault weapons?????????????

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I want someone to give me a accurate description of an assault weapons?
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I will agree with BubbaT and stick with it!! One key feature to me regarding an "assault weapon" would be the capability for automatic fire. This is from my old days as an Infanty Officer. The ability to place a sustained rate of fire on the bad guys is a critical and many times determining factor in an "assault." Picture yourself assaulting a fortified or reinforced posiition. You are moving; thus the ability to fire accurately is affected. Your primary concern is to keep the BG's guy's head down so the BG can not fire at you while you are advancing on his position; thus the reason for a high volume of fire. Once you close with the enemy, then you kill him.

Many states and cities have expanded the term to include the kitchen sink; especially, states like NJ. You can not own, without jumping through 1000 hoops, an M1 Carbine because it has a detachable magazine and a bayonet lug - two evil features most "assault" weapons have!! STUPID!! When was the last time someone was stabbed with a bayonet on the end of an M1 Carbine in New Jersey?

Now a funny!!

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