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Discussion in 'Optics and Accessories' started by Big Will, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Big Will

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    I have been seeing a lot lately about Athlon optics, I guess its a new company, seems they have a lifetime warranty and pretty good glass. Anybody tried one?
  2. Mesquite

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    No not aware of them, might need to take a look then.

  3. nonnieselman

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    Ive got a couple of the lower end ones and they leave a lot to be desired.
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  4. Jennings

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    I have an Argos BTR.
    Glass seems clear haven't mounted it yet. It is FFP,
    8-34X56. Finishing up a bolt gun build. Can't wait to try it out. Read some good reviews on them.
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  5. Jennings

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    Here is my Argos BTR /with bolt gun rings. On my AR10 project.

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  6. n10sivern

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    I have them and love them. They are probably the best bang for the buck scope out there. Their upper end lines are top notch. I'm not crazy about their bottom end lines though, but they are decent enough. I am a dealer for Athlon, and I'm slowly putting them on all my personal rifles because I like them that much.

    I don't know where you are located, but if you are on the coast you are more than welcome to look through some. Soon I will try to have a try it before you buy it program. Hit me up if you are in the market for one.
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  7. Rodekill

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    I have Athlon and swear by them.
    Have Athlon mounted to my LR shooter and is very very accurate. 1st focal plane very accurate turret. ( just have to clean the grease out and replace it with a better greasy or silicone lube and the thing clicks like a $1000 one and has very clear glass.
    Mil/Mil FFP
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  8. Blondie70

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    Where they made ?