ATV spreader recommendations

Discussion in 'Outdoors' started by Jeffery8mm, Jan 18, 2018.

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    I am in the market for an ATV spreader. I have one for my 3pt hitch so the big stuff is covered. This would be for "over seeding" if a plot looks sparse and such as that. Also. I will want to spread fertilizer {mid season ammonia} with it so any tips on cleanup and maintenance will be appreciated. I can fab up brackets and such if need be, I want to mount it on the front rack, I think!
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    Most electric have plastic hoppers so it won’t be as bad to rust.
    And they come with brackets.
    Sorry not much help on brand. I have one but dunno the brand.
    And I’m in TX for next 38 days.
    I wash then douse mine with diesel if nitrogen has been in it.

    Read reviews before you buy!!
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  3. Xd357

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    Whatever you do I’d make sure that it can’t sling stuff into your bike. As for clean up a farmer told me to wash with soapy water then soak it with wd-40.
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    We've been using a Moultrie for several years now with no complaints. Sorry, I don't know what model it is though. It is a rear rack mounted spreader.
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    Cousin Chris has had a pull behind atv spreader that has held up well for 10 years or so with mediocre maintenance. I can check the brand if you like. I have no experience with front mounted ones but would be concerned about getting fertilizer on my 4 wheeler.
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    For the big fields, I use a big spreader behind my tractor. About 13 years ago I ordered a spreader from Cabalas. I mounted the bracket on the back of my rear rack. It is removable, just unsnap the wiring harness. The wiring harness comes with a toggle switch that I mounted to the side of my rear rack. and I keep several bungee cords on my rear rack. When ready to use, I slide the spreader down on the bracket. I leave the wiring harness connected with big zip ties. I slide a battery that I put on slow charge the night before. Put a bungee cord over the battery and put a bag on the front rack of seed and one in the feeder/spreader, then off I go. The one I have will hold well over 50 lbs. I think mine is the ON TIME brand. If you use fertilizer, you need to make sure that you always rinse your 4 wheeler off good up under it, anywhere that fertilizer might get.

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    Moultrie is good. Wash with water and then rinse with diesel fuel when done.
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