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Awaiting my new M&P 15-22

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Hi All,

Anxiously awaiting the call to come pick up my new M&P 15-22. Needed something to shoot that wouldn't break the bank since anytime I mention shooting the wife and kids are already in the truck!. Looking for some cool accessories (and CHEAP) if anyone has any suggestions.

Take care,

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Are the barrels on these threaded for flash hiders/suppressors? I was thinking that once I have a suppressor, this might make a nice ready-to-go rifle, rather than building up a 10/22.
Interesting...I like the idea that I could use it to train on the AR platform while shooting cheaply.

How's the trigger? I've been assuming that's the one area where the 10/22 may have a big advantage -- the trigger with a Volquartsen target hammer setup is fantastic.
Thanks! I've got an old 10/22 that's pretty well-used. By the time I invested in a new stock and new threaded barrel, I'd be halfway to the price on a decent used 15-22...makes me consider just keeping the 10/22 as is and getting a 15-22 to go with it.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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