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Well, as you can imagine, backwoods here, there's not a whole lot to do other than shoot. A buddy came over and we started to talk about differfent type of drills you can do safely in your yard.

So, we laid 3 mags, with two rounds in each (started with one in the gun) through the treeline/yard and set up a 4" target, with light tree covering. We had 1min 30 secs. to find all 3 mags, and hit the target. My first run was pretty pathetic, 5 of 8 in inner rings, nothing great. My second one yielded this result:

(my 3rd shot veered past the target, high left)

I used the Sig because it's the only thing I had 4 mags for, and I'm down to a handful of high-dollar hand loads for the .40, so I didn't take it out. The Sig has a great balance, and is apparent in a drill like this. Chris (friend who also shot) posted his results on an EAA forum he posts on.

Anyone else find themselves creating drills/scenarios to pass the time?
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