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Rifles allowed:

Garand Match:
1. M1 Garand
Johnson Rifle
M1 Carbine
1892-1899 Krag rifles and carbines

All rifles used in the Garand Match, must be of as issued configuration. No changes in sights, triggers or glass bedding allowed.

Vintage Military Bolt Action Match:

Any military bolt action rifle that is unaltered from regular service design.


CMP Garand Matches usually have .30 M2 Ball ammunition issued at the range. Usually those firing .30-06 rifles must use the ammo supplied by the match director. For those using .30-40 Krag or .30 M1 Carbine ammo, they must furnish their own ammo.

Vintage Bolt Action shooters must furnish their own ammunition. Our club asks that no match grade ammo be used in these tournaments. This is not a CMP rule but we feel the use of match grade ammunition is unfair to shooters of ball ammo.

Shooting Jackets, gloves slings (except in offhand), mats and spotting scopes are legal in these matches.

Targets: 100 yards SR-1 Target.
200 yards SR target

Course of fire in both Garand and Vintage BA Matches:

Course "A":
5 shots sighters 5 minutes
10 shots for record prone in 10 minutes single loaded
10 shots rapid fire 70 second for Garand, 80 seconds for Bolt Action
10 shots standing in 10 minutes, single loaded

Course "B":
5 shots sighters 5 minutes
20 shots prone in 20 minutes single loaded
10 shots prone rapid fire 70 seconds Garand, 80 seconds Vintage BA
10 shots sitting rapid fire in 60 seconds
10 shots standing in 10 minutes, single loaded

For those over 60 years old or having an infirmaty rising before the sitting or prone positions is not neccesary. Shooters in this category can assume the position and load their rifle on command. The rifle must be kept off the shoulder until the command to fire is given. Then the shooter may shoulder their rifle but must not fire before the first shooter on the relay fires their first round.

We are having a Garand-Vintage "A" Match on November 28, 2009 and a Garand Clinic on October 10, 2009. If you want to be added to the Southwest Gun Club's mailing list or sign up for our Garand Match or Clinic, email me at [email protected] or call at 601-249-3315

Doug Bowser
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