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Bass Pro in Pearl Mississippi

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They say they're upgrading the reloading area to include dies, brass, scales, etc by the middle of next month. I will believe it when I see it!! :thumbup: I guess all my griping to Bass pro corporate done some good! WAY TO GO BASS PRO PEARL!!!!!!!! :thanx: :bravo:
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Vans beats BP (Right now) like a drum! :lol4:
I remember BP in Mobile has a great stock of reloading supplies. :machinegun:
I think that depends on who you are. I saw one guy with 4000 but they could have been different calibers, I did'nt notice. WELL,its the end of the month, anyone check at BP, pearl to see if they kept their word? :cool2g:
I was in there the other day. They say they have a lot of stuff in the back.
I was in BP last Saturday and the primer shelf was pitifil. Vans had a thousand for each 100 ct box of primers that BP had. I have about gotten feed up with BP and will soon write them off. At least Vans has what you need, when you need it. I think BP is shooting us a line of :shtf2:
Was in BP today, nothing yet. :tophat:
Now BP says it will be another month!!
Hey, great news guys. Thanks for the heads up. i just can't help but think you will do good with the reloading equipment. Thanks again for the update. Sorry if some of us are impatient loons. LOL :thumbup: We will do our part to support our BP. I love BP, I spend almost as much time in there as I do home Depot. LOL :rotflmao:
Bass Pro has their reloading equipment out. Pretty good offering. I saved about 10 bucks on 375 H&H brass. They have pretty fair prices. I need to pick up another Die or two. Lets all support our P :thumbup: earl Brass Pro! THANK YOU BASS PRO, PEARL, MS.
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