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Bass Pro in Pearl Mississippi

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They say they're upgrading the reloading area to include dies, brass, scales, etc by the middle of next month. I will believe it when I see it!! :thumbup: I guess all my griping to Bass pro corporate done some good! WAY TO GO BASS PRO PEARL!!!!!!!! :thanx: :bravo:
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We certainly need some competition in the reloading supply arena around here ... Surplus City and Van's pretty much controls things ... Hope BPS' prices are competitive .... I would like to support the locals; however, when I can order primers and powder on-line and pay the hazmat fee and still save money, it is a no-brainer for me ....
Got the opportunity to stop by Brass Pro in Birmingham this afternoon just to look over their reloading stuff ... They had much of the basics such as tumblers, brass, dies, etc. Not a great selection of powders and saw NO primers. Did buy a LB of Bullseye powder at $19.95. Prices were about the same as you can buy from Midway or Natchez; did not like the 10% sales tax there in Birmingham!! If the Pearl Bass Pro has the same type prices as the one in Birmingham, I will probably do some business with them.
USAONE said:
I was in there on 4-3-10 and they did not keep their promise. They say they have a lot of stuff in the back but I doubt that too. :thinking:
Hard to sell the stuff if it is in the back!! :thinking:
Muddawg95j and Beevo: Thanks so much for the lesson -- I worked in retail for about 4 years after leaving the Army .... really do not want to go back to that line of work ... the customer is not always right!!

It is good news to hear that OUR BPS will be supplying our needs in the not too distant future. A month or so ago, I visisted your store in Birmingham on my way back from CMP in Anniston -- bought a set of dies and some powder!! Look forward to giving ya'll some of my business!!

Again, thanks for the post, guys!!!!!!!!!

BTW: My 5 yr old grandson LOVES the store. I can ask him what he wants to do and the answer is always the same - go to Bass Pro Shop and see the animals!!!!!!
Beevo said:
Thanks Cap'n!!! Please come by and ask for either of us at any time. Be great to meet you and your grandson! We had a fellow member by today that asked for us by our forum names :) ...it was sort of funny! He had read this post and wanted to meet us and introduce himself. Great Guy!!!

I will certainly do that -- we may have already met and just did not know it!! ... purchased more than a couple pistols and shotguns from ya'll over the years .....
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