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Bass Pro in Pearl Mississippi

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They say they're upgrading the reloading area to include dies, brass, scales, etc by the middle of next month. I will believe it when I see it!! :thumbup: I guess all my griping to Bass pro corporate done some good! WAY TO GO BASS PRO PEARL!!!!!!!! :thanx: :bravo:
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we have a forum member that works the gun counter at Bass Pro in Pearl..... :thinking:
Beevo and Muddawg...ya'll getting all this down aren't ya'll?...we are buyers if ya'll got the goods at a fair price.....send the message....

U would not believe what I've dropped @ Vans in the last 2 years
Was in there this evening...I got way more reloading stuff than BP...sad to say...

They did have a few primers and some powder....I did not see jack for bullets...though since I started casting my own...I don't pay much attention to high dollar jacketed bullets anymore...

None of this should be a surprise out of a major "chain store"

One of these days (in about 15 yrs) I'm gonna open up "Necks"..If you have 100,000 posts or better I'll give ya a deal...so get busy :funny:

1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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