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Bass Pro in Pearl Mississippi

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They say they're upgrading the reloading area to include dies, brass, scales, etc by the middle of next month. I will believe it when I see it!! :thumbup: I guess all my griping to Bass pro corporate done some good! WAY TO GO BASS PRO PEARL!!!!!!!! :thanx: :bravo:
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I was in there the other day. They say they have a lot of stuff in the back.
Yeah, they lied, I went in there Friday afternoon; I guess it was a April fool's joke. Moved some muzzleloader stuff to the isle. Same powder and some primers on the self. I think it's BS, you dont tell a customer; let alone, several then not do it.
USAONE said:
I was in there on 4-3-10 and they did not keep their promise. They say they have a lot of stuff in the back but I doubt that too. :thinking:
Hard to sell the stuff if it is in the back!! :thinking:
Beevo and Muddawg...ya'll getting all this down aren't ya'll?...we are buyers if ya'll got the goods at a fair price.....send the message....

U would not believe what I've dropped @ Vans in the last 2 years
When I moved down here I couldn't believe the BP didn't have at least a semi robust reloading section.

I've been to quite a few BPs and not one had as pitiful of a reloading section as this one.
I bought over $300.00 worth of reloading stuff(mostly bullets) just the other day. It ALL came from the back.(hard to decide what to get,you have got to know what you want)They didn't seem to mind going in the back to look for it but some can't seem to find. :thinking: Prices were much better than van's(I checked).they beat the price on most of the bullets by $5.powder prices seemed the same.they said they were waiting on shelving.
i was just there. I was impressed to see primers on the shelves!
Didn't check prices though.
I was in BP last Saturday and the primer shelf was pitifil. Vans had a thousand for each 100 ct box of primers that BP had. I have about gotten feed up with BP and will soon write them off. At least Vans has what you need, when you need it. I think BP is shooting us a line of :shtf2:
Was in BP today, nothing yet. :tophat:
Now BP says it will be another month!!
Was in there this evening...I got way more reloading stuff than BP...sad to say...

They did have a few primers and some powder....I did not see jack for bullets...though since I started casting my own...I don't pay much attention to high dollar jacketed bullets anymore...

None of this should be a surprise out of a major "chain store"

One of these days (in about 15 yrs) I'm gonna open up "Necks"..If you have 100,000 posts or better I'll give ya a deal...so get busy :funny:

I was in there over the weekend. They did have a good bit of primers on the shelf at that time.

I asked about the other reloading stuff and a guy in a white shirt (think he may have been a manager) said that after inventory the plan is extend some of the aisles to have more room and have the reloading items on the shelf. He said it should be at least 1st or 2nd week in May. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
It's all true. The stuff has been trickling in. The problem is that there is no shelf space for it so we are going to add 4 feet to each isle. With that comes a whole re-set of the hunting department. We were told the end of March, but the shelving hasn't come in yet. If you need something, freaking ask! I'll pull the carts out of the back and let you rummage through what we have. It doesn't have to be on a shelf for you to buy it. We have a decent selection of hornady bullets, some Speer and nosler. Dies are RCBS, hornady, and Lee. Brass is going to be Remington. Primers and powder are out on the shelf and they are as full as they have been since before Thanksgiving. Wish I could give y'all a firm date, but it's a huge undertaking to move everything in the hunting section and have it back together before opening at 9am the next day. Inventory is also starting and there will be nothing moved before that is completed.
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Muddawg is absolutely correct.

I will reframe from ranting with anyone because some people can just not be satisfied by any means. If you have never successfully worked in large retail or customer service, you are clueless! It should be a requirement for at least one year of every able bodied, able minded person in the United States.... That is all I will say about that.

Now...to the subject at hand. When I started at BPS 3 years ago, we had over 50 shelf feet dedicated to reloading...It wasn't selling. When the Denham Springs, LA store opened (larger floor than Pearl) it was decided that they would receive most of our reloading supplies in order to make room for new product on our floor. In retail...if the shelf is empty or product doesn't move in a timely manner, it costs money. We set up an order system for customers at that time. We use the same wholesalers in the Southeastern US as everybody else, even Van's and in most cases could get product in 1-3 business days, but because we didn't have it on the shelf, some people did not want to bother...they just wasted there time mostly by driving all over creation. In that time til now, however, we've sold thousands of reloading equipment dollars to customers who did order. Then the November 2009 elections roll through and everybody and their mother get into reloading. So....you have a national back order on ammo and reloading supplies. When we did start getting product back in, we couldn't keep it.....
(side note)....A little about supply and demand.... BPS and everybody else is about making dollars per hour. If we have it, we'll sell it. We do not limit ammo or reloading....we have sold 10,000 primers to several people. When we do that, well hell yes we are going to be out until the factory makes more and the wholesalers get their cut before it gets back to our store and we get bum rushed by people who are taking them out of our hands before they hit the shelf when the store opens at 9:00. Also, we deal with customers from all over the country that have never heard of places like Van's...we hear of ammo and reloading that is impossible to find elsewhere every day. It's an issue all over.

Anyway....The fact of the matter is...we have alot of logistics that goes into a reset. We have a ton of reloading in the back room waiting for shelving for the floor and the overnight resets to follow. We are in inventory lockdown right now. That means that we can sell it out of the back, but every piece has to be documented and deducted from that pre counted section when it is removed and sold. ALL of our equipment and supplies came in to our store in over 100 3 gallon gray plastic totes. That has been gone through and organized in the back room to make it easier to count, locate, and find to sell to a customer. JUST ASK!!!

I have no problem helping anybody with anything on either a personal or professional level....That is my occupation, but it was first and foremost my individual disposition. My ONLY request is that you be courtious, patient and civil...I will give them, and I expect them. I will be glad to help any of you with anything at anytime. If you need it and I have it, I will be glad to hold it for you for a resonable time...just don't leave me hanging. IF you have any questions about our products or availability and price of an item, feel free to call and ask for me. Mention msgunowners.com . You may not get special treatment, but I like talking to fellow brothers in arms.

Sorry if I stepped on any toes.

Scott (beevo)
Firearms Lead
Bass Pro Shops
Pearl, MS
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Muddawg95j and Beevo: Thanks so much for the lesson -- I worked in retail for about 4 years after leaving the Army .... really do not want to go back to that line of work ... the customer is not always right!!

It is good news to hear that OUR BPS will be supplying our needs in the not too distant future. A month or so ago, I visisted your store in Birmingham on my way back from CMP in Anniston -- bought a set of dies and some powder!! Look forward to giving ya'll some of my business!!

Again, thanks for the post, guys!!!!!!!!!

BTW: My 5 yr old grandson LOVES the store. I can ask him what he wants to do and the answer is always the same - go to Bass Pro Shop and see the animals!!!!!!
Thanks Cap'n!!! Please come by and ask for either of us at any time. Be great to meet you and your grandson! We had a fellow member by today that asked for us by our forum names :) ...it was sort of funny! He had read this post and wanted to meet us and introduce himself. Great Guy!!!

Beevo said:
Thanks Cap'n!!! Please come by and ask for either of us at any time. Be great to meet you and your grandson! We had a fellow member by today that asked for us by our forum names :) ...it was sort of funny! He had read this post and wanted to meet us and introduce himself. Great Guy!!!

I will certainly do that -- we may have already met and just did not know it!! ... purchased more than a couple pistols and shotguns from ya'll over the years .....
I don't reload, but I like BP, and I've dealt with Beevo on FTF a deal. I can assure you that he is a great guy!

Seems to me that there must be way more money made on clothing than anything else. All of the big box sporting goods stores devote a majority of their floorspace to clothing. I guess clothing has a larger "audience"---everybody wears it, but not everybody reloads.

And, contrary to what the Democrats say, stores are in business to make a profit---not to give locals jobs and provide medical insurance and retirement benefits to folks in the community. But Obama is changing all that.
Hey, great news guys. Thanks for the heads up. i just can't help but think you will do good with the reloading equipment. Thanks again for the update. Sorry if some of us are impatient loons. LOL :thumbup: We will do our part to support our BP. I love BP, I spend almost as much time in there as I do home Depot. LOL :rotflmao:
Bass Pro has their reloading equipment out. Pretty good offering. I saved about 10 bucks on 375 H&H brass. They have pretty fair prices. I need to pick up another Die or two. Lets all support our P :thumbup: earl Brass Pro! THANK YOU BASS PRO, PEARL, MS.
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