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Benjamin Nitro II, .22 for 1/3rd price.

Discussion in 'Mississippi Air Rifles' started by TankerHC, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. TankerHC

    TankerHC Distinguished Poster

    We have a clearance store near us that buys out bankrupt stores and resells at huge discounts. I purchased a Denix non firing M1 Garand there for less than half price. They sell everything actually but they have Crossbows, air rifles, regular bows.

    Went in last night and they had a Benjamin Nitro II, .22. 1100 FPS. I looked at retail, $357. Their price, $90. Brand new in the box. And next to it a Beeman 1787 for $30, new in box but also comes with an complete target kit of ground mounted, hanging and popup targets.

    Think I am going to get both of them. That Nitro II, .22 is one of the new NItro's they were talking about for 2016. That is the first one I have seen in an a store. Walmart doesnt carry them and I looked at Academy and they dont carry that particular Nitro II either.
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  2. phillipd

    phillipd Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Keep us posted. Sounds like a couple good deals.
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  3. TankerHC

    TankerHC Distinguished Poster

    SOmeone asked on another post, but I screwed around, went up, looked again. Decided to think about it. Went back up and both were gone. I knew I should have bought them right off. But they did have something else, an Benjamin Air Bow for $350 (Half Price) and a box of Air Bow hunting arrows with extra tips for $10 (Thats $90 off). I didnt buy either one. They also had two shoulder rigs (Holster and two mag pouches) for a Kel Tec .380 for $10 each. Both Brand new, think the company was Tauver Leather or something like that. And they had an ATI Polymer Stock with a top rail for a Mauser for $30. Almost bought it, but didnt because I dont own a Mauser. One of these days I might actually buy something when the deals are deals because if I dont someone definitely will.

    That Air Bow said 3000 PSI. Took a look and that is the same as a PCP Rifle on average.
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  4. 2DARK2C

    2DARK2C Distinguished Poster

  5. tWillis

    tWillis Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I'd like to have the Benjamin air bow and arrows, but too far away!
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  6. TankerHC

    TankerHC Distinguished Poster

    Its this one. Ill be up there tomorrow, have to go to the VA up there. Might have to stop and grab one of these. Regular price is $134. I dont own a Kel-Tec .380. If anyone is wondering what store this is, it is Bargain Hunt. Amazing deals there on everything. Their stock drops in price based on dates, goes from 90, in increments of 10% or 30% until it drops all the way down to 10%. All items are discounted anyway so you get stuff that might cost $300 or $400 for $10. They have a refrigerator there now I am waiting on price to drop. Retail is $2200. It is at $800 right now, in 60 days if no one snatches it up Ill have a $2200 refrigerator-freezer for my garage for $300. Brand new.

    $100 off on this.

    Shoulder Holsters
  7. Arms Lister

    Arms Lister Distinguished Poster

    Hey Tanker,
    What is the name and location of the clearance store?