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Oh, the irony !
So, how does that work with his duty weapon and patrol rifle ? Honest question.
It is a little gray depending on the state. Federally he should not be permanently prohibited for a temporary ex parte hearing for domestic violence restraining order. It seems like a gray area given the Judges order and depending on Washington state law. If the order is made permanent or temporary after his Oct 15th hearing, he will be Federally prohibited. The order as is would prevent him from buying a firearm because that would violate his order. He would have to answer yes to one of the questions on the 4473 that would require explaining or face a Federal felony.

Sheriff Jerry Hatcher is charged with felony tampering with a witness and misdemeanor fourth-degree assault, both with domestic violence allegations. If he is indited for either of these charges, he would be Federally prohibited until the charges were resolved. If he is convicted of either or pleads guilty to either, Sheriff Hatcher is Federally prohibited permanently. As for Washington state law, because he is an elected official and not convicted of a prohibiting crime, he is still allowed to hold the public office of sheriff. I am dropping an article that has more information.

Tri-City Herald - Special prosecutor charges Benton County sheriff with 2 crimes, including choking his wife

Edit: I almost forgot. There is no law or policy that I am aware of that would prohibit him from having 24/7 deputy protection and have the county pay for it while he is still Sheriff.
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