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I fired about 600rounds yesterday in search of the "good ones"

None matter except these,,,
SK Standard Plus 40gr

I had shot this target with some Wolf Target Match and they hit low so i was able to have the top half of the target to use the sighter box to test the SKs.
First round almost hit the x ring, aiming at the sighter box, brought it up some and the next round was just a lil low left. 3 clicks up and 2 right. Mag holds 5 rounds plus 1 in the chamber. Next 4 were just a hair under .5" at 100yds. Ill take that anyday!!
I had to wait till the wind died down between shots so i was out there for almost 6 hours :D


I've been reading on the CMP forum (smallbore) about the number of people who are using this ammo (SK Std+). I will probably get some to try. It looks like it is = to Wolf Match Extra in a lot of Kimbers. However, I realize that what is working in your barrel may not work in my barrel but , for the price, it is worth a shot or two.
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