Best area of Jackson to stay at

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    I am coming to Brandon to see Chris Stapleton and am making a hotel reservation. I belong to Marriot rewards so need to stay at Marriot properties. What areas should I avoid in the Brandon / Jackson area?

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  2. stewbaby

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    If your destination is Brandon, your best bet for the Marriott group is the Courtyard Marriott or Fairfield at the Pearl Pearson Rd exit. They are close to the Bass Pro and the outlet mall and plenty of good resturants around. Safe area...just be sure and stay on the east side of the river from Jack town once you sneak thru on I-20. Their is no need for you to go up to Ridgeland/Madison and have to travel back down to Brandon. If non-Marriott is ok, stay out at Dogwood area of Flowood.
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    Just my experience while staying there about 4 years ago. Pretty good Marriot not the best I've stayed at but far from the worst. While there down the road at the McDonalds they had a incident, can't remember what but there was about 6 cop cars there taking care of the problem. Just before that 3 men where making comments about my daughter and her friend the wife said and they left. I was at the hotel. So pretty much go everywhere your family goes, keep your head on a swivel and stay armed.
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    for Marriots...stay in Flowood area...near Dogwood. hwy25/lakeland drive-old fanin road area.
    plenty of eats in the area as well. and close enough to brandon proper
    not to mention SAFE

    also it wont be a mariott property, but rather one of the ones they partner with. I think hilton
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  5. Doc

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    another vote for Flowood area
  6. Jarhead5811

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    I’d probably stay in Flowood, myself.
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    :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah: For both of the two previous posts.
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  8. As long as you are east of the moat (Pearl River), which keeps the Huns at bay. :D
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  9. Jarhead5811

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    At least several miles out, is best, IMO. The Huns have cars but if you are in walking distance, like in the west side of Pearl or Flowood, it’s just a little too close for comfort, for me.
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  10. jakeg823

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    Stay in Flowood or Brandon. Purl is ok, but wouldn’t be my first choice. I would just shoot for Brandon, personally. Both cities(Brandon and Flowood) are extremely safe, with good PDs.

    There’s literally no reason to stay in Ridgeland, so that would just be silly. Not close enough to your destination to be a logical choice, even if there were benefits to that area.
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    Just echoing everyone else. If it has a Jackson address, pass it up.

    Edit: Everything below doesn't really apply. Didn't see that Stapleton was in Brandon.

    The farther you have to drive, the better. Just don't make it so you drive all the way through Jackson on inner city roads. East of Jackson is best place, but there's also more traffic.

    And start thinking about parking for the concert too. Some of those "parking lots" are just old building foundations, and quite dicey when it gets later in the day.
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  12. stewbaby

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    ? You thinking of the Coliseum? This is at the new Brandon Amphitheater being built. Parking should be a gravel lot or possibly paved. Haven’t seen the final plan.
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  13. senilking

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    Haha, I'll edit my post. I missed the Brandon part of that post.
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  14. ThatGuy

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    The best place to stay in Jackson is the hell out.