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Best gunsmith around to restore Remington Nylon 66

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Against Momma’s wishes, my Pops bought this for me when I was 5 yo. I got this back in my possession when Momma died a couple years ago. It sat with a full tube mag loaded for about 25 years barrel up behind her bedroom door. I cleaned it a couple months ago for the first time since about 1987. The dust and carbon buildup was epic, it still ran perfectly with any ammo you threw at it though. I don’t think it has ever had a failure in any way. I didn’t know guns failed to fire until I got older and started shooting different guns. The first I ever saw was my uncles Luger tanker model that was almost like a single shot without the correct ammo. Well, enough story time of my humble shooting beginnings.
I’m actually looking for someone who can do a lite restoration on this thing. I don’t want it perfect or anything. Just the rust on the receiver and barrel taken care of, the broken butt plate replaced, and the screw missing from the front sight addressed.
Not in a big hurry so that’s not an issue. Just want it done right so it functions like it has for the last 45 years. I live in Magee, so someone kinda around here would be cool.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions,
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Cool rifle, Rog. @Vanmoo could surely help, but he's pretty far from you. He's probably got a butt plate he could mail you, though.
He's probably got one, but he is adamantly Not in the mail order parts business. 😉
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