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Has anyone heard of, used, shot ammo from BVAC? They sell cheap ammo made in Montana. I emailed them asking about SAAMI specs and this was their response:
We use New Brass in this caliber (308) so it would be considered “New”.

As for quality: we are an Ammunition Manufacture, and in the case of some pistol rounds, a Re-Manufacture and take great pride in our quality control.

This particular ammunition is loaded on Dillon equipment by very experienced Load Technicians, and in addition to their inspection, is inspected again at packaging. I think you will find that it meets, or exceeds your expectations.

SAAMI is an industry organization with the purpose of setting standards for the various cartridges. These standards include cartridge dimensions and pressure. Our ammunition is loaded within these specifications. SAAMI does not certify compliance for us, or any other manufacture.

I hope this helps, and look forward to your enjoying our ammunition.

With Complements, and

Best Regards,

Del Crawford

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I don't know of them; BUT would probably try some if the price was right ...

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They have some very nice .22lr hp ammo..
Also got some of their Reman .223. lake city brass, hornady FMJ it looks like.. and loaded with appears to be CCI primers and H335 powder. I pulled a bunch of them apart and the powder was exact on each load i pulled.
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