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Black Gun Is Here - S&W AR 15 Optics Ready Model

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Well the fun has arrived with 1500 rounds, three magazines, front and rear flip up removable sights (not on at the moment) with my 2.5-8x36mm VX-III. Will be going Friday to sight in and shoot.

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Got the same model, put on the quad rails, eotech (can't afford the magnifer like the Captain), foregrips and light, most of which was given to me. You probably know this but if you do decide on BUIS, don't go with magpul on the front gas block as their polymer can't stand the heat. Anybody figure out if smith actually makes them or farm it out, may have been on another forum.
In any case - Nice rifle, Happy shooting Bullet. I may bring mine to M&G 2.
Mine's not too old, how do you tell the difference Shooter?
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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