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Black Gun Is Here - S&W AR 15 Optics Ready Model

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Well the fun has arrived with 1500 rounds, three magazines, front and rear flip up removable sights (not on at the moment) with my 2.5-8x36mm VX-III. Will be going Friday to sight in and shoot.

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mikey67 said:
Looks great. We are gonna need a range report please. Just put 100 rounds this AM thru my M&P AR(5.45x39) and enjoyed the h-ll out of it.
Yes, I can't wait for this Friday. :):)
captain-03 said:
Congrats on your new addition!! Bet you will fall in love with it .. they are a lot of fun to shoot; however, do not get discouraged if she does not put them all in ONE hole at 300yrds like you are used to doing!! :lol:
Yeah, you are right about not expecting it to shoot like my bolt rifles and my customs. But it will be fun to see just how it will shoot. :thumbup:
Rbelote said:
I bet it will touch holes at 100
I don't know about that, I am not using reloads at first just factory ammo. It will be interesting to see how it does.
jbpmidas said:
Be careful! I know you are not used to alot of recoil! So just be cautious when you touch off those first few!

I hope it shoots as well for you as mine does for me!
Don't worry, I will take some advil before I shoot, I think that will reduce the affect on my shoulder. :) Frankly, I won't know how to act when I pull the trigger on this puppy after shoot that big dog 340Wby. I hope it shoots good also.
crossedcannons45 said:
congrats man. I want a rifle so bad I can taste it (cosmoline doesnt taste too good either) so I envy you...

having said that, I will close with: :10:
Thanks crossedcannons45
jbpmidas said:
KilRoy, did you say the eggs were happy that you were shooting at them and not me? :lol3:
Now that is to funny man!!! :thumbup:
Xd357 said:
Congrats on tha ar15 bullet.
Thank you Xd357, been wanting one for a while now.
sidroski said:
Got the same model, put on the quad rails, eotech (can't afford the magnifer like the Captain), foregrips and light, most of which was given to me. You probably know this but if you do decide on BUIS, don't go with magpul on the front gas block as their polymer can't stand the heat. Anybody figure out if smith actually makes them or farm it out, may have been on another forum.
In any case - Nice rifle, Happy shooting Bullet. I may bring mine to M&G 2.
S&W use to be made by Stag and they did that until they could tool up and set up so as to put them together. Mine is a new model made by S&W.
Call S&W and talk to a tech person giving them your serial # and they can tell you.
Could not wait to shoot it some so on the way to work I fired 34 rounds and the average velocity was 2918fps using Brown Bear 55gr HP. Man that chrome chamber is slick, I reall like that feature along with the chrome bore. Sure was fun today for the brief time I took to shoot. Here is how it did at 100yds. First target was last target shot. Have to get use to this trigger. It sure is not a match gun but still fun. Might do some things to this rifle but not until I shoot some of my reloads to really see what I need to do like free float the barrel and change trigers.

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Well, I have got to shoot better and get this rig really shooting or I won't be happy at all. :)
GunOneDown said:
just take the optic off and shoot like that. Call it ready and your good to go. Its a "battle rifle". That being said, when you put the heavy match barrel on it, they you might want to cut A single hole.
Factory ammo with that grouping is still pretty good.
Yes, it is a battle rifle, better than the one I carried in 68-69. In fact I still have 20-10 sight in my right eye so I took off the scope and actually did better at 100yds than with the scope. I think it has to do with my scopes position but I love the flip up battle sights.
Here is the S&W AR-15 without the scope. Actually shot it better at 100yds with battle sights than I did with my scope.

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Leland1 said:
(BTW.. I HATE YOU!! YOU SUCK!!! stated that I am not worthy of the wicked weapons you have in your aresenal.
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