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I may have told this story to some of you on the list before but with new members it might be worth telling again:

I was in Larned, Kansas, teaching a pistol camp to 4H kids. We used air
pistols and at the end of one of the days, we took the kids to a local gun club. I had 2- Uberti Remington .44's, an 1892 Rossi in .44 Magnum and a Stevens double barrel in 12 ga with 26" imp cylinder, modified barrels. I stepped up to the trap range and took position 3. Nobody knew what I had in store for them. I was loaded with Doug's black powder shotgun shells.STS hulls, WW primer, 65 gr FFG Goex, 1/8" over powder wad and a 1/2" felt cushion wad.

When my first bird was thrown, I fired the double with the modified barrel. It was dark out and the flame and sparks that belched downrange scared everyone half to DEATH. Not to mention the heavy cloud of smoke. Everyone on the line ran to the rear, they thought the gun blew up. The smoke did not allow the kid that was keeping score to see the target. He had to step to the side to see my targets. I hit 20 out of 25 and they did not give me the first unseeable bird.

All the trap shooters wanted to shoot my gun. Theyt all hit the targets with it. I started with 10 boxes of shells and they were all shot before the evening was over.

After the trap shooting we went to their Bianchi 8" plates at 25 yards. The 11-16 year old 4H girls shot all my ammo for the .44 Magnum Rossi 1892 (Lyman .44 Cowboy bullet sized .429" with SPG Lube, 28 gr FFFG GOEX compressed with the bullet and a Federal Magnum pistol primer). I had 100 rounds. I had a helper loading the rifle and they had a ball. They did not miss ANY plates.

The most amazing thing was the Remmie C&B .44. I loaded one of them until I was plumb tuckered out. The kids showed a lot of savvy and accuracy when shooting the .44 revolver. I use .454" Lee cast balls, 21 gr FFFG GOEX, CC1 #11 caps and a dab of 50-50 beeswax-Crisco over the balls. No misfires all night. I pinched the caps and put the caps on with a popsicle stick. To keep the Remmie going I pulled the cylinder pin out and put a few drops of my Murphy's Oil Soap solution on the pen. It will keep the gun going and the cylinder won't bind on the cylinder pin.

I cleaned the guns with 1/4 cup Murphy's Oil Soap and 1 gallon of water in solution. It cleans BP fouling better than anything else I have ever used.

Doug Bowser, Unka Doug or whatever is appropriate.
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