Blackened rub

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    For catfish and chicken. Had some great blackened catfish at Berry's in Magee awhile back
    Anybody got a good list of ingedients and recipe?
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    I’ve made my own but ended up sticking to this...simple and great on chicken and fish.

    I just lay out the fillets or strips on a platter, pour some melted butter on them, and sprinkle the seasoning on both sides. Heat cast iron skillet on my fish cooker (yes, outside...lots of smoke), make it hot. Add some butter, watch out for smoke, add fillets or strips, cook a couple of minutes, check, flip, cook another couple, serve

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    My brother-in-law gave me some Southern Flavor rub at Christmas and I happened to open it last night for the first time. I was surprised by the color. It's a gray-black color that looks like the metal dust I used to have to clean up after a day of cutting pipe with an abrasive blade. It's not super appetizing to look at, but that's about the only problem I had with it.

    I put it on some chicken wings I was grilling and they turned out great. Maybe not as spicy as a traditional "blackening rub" but a really good char-grilled taste.

    Original Charbroil Southern Flavor Seasoning, 15 oz. Canister
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    That's what I use. Can't save enough to make mixing your own worthwhile.
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  6. Leonidas

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    If you can't source it around home, Amazon has it.