Blades for beginners?

Discussion in 'Blades' started by hoopstar789, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. hoopstar789

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    Not really a blade guy and don't even know where to begin when it comes to blades. Really just looking for a blade that is going to be used alot, but is dependable, keeps it's sharpness fairly well, and overall just a beginner blade for someone starting to get into them.
  2. Scharfschütze

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    Mora knives are good values for the money; carbon steel are easy to sharpen but the stainless are tougher to re-sharpen. I've been told that in Sweden they just recycle them when they get dull. We have one or more in every vehicle and in Get Home Bags (GHB). They come on sale from time to time from vendors such as Sportsman's Guide and others.
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  3. onlymaroonmatters

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    Everyday Carry Options

    Good suggestions here

    Looking for folder or fixed blade? That will help narrow search
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    I have a Buck 110, but I carry a Case cattlemen's most of the time.
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  6. Scharfschütze

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    For folders I like Kershaw Blur & Kershaw Leek. 2 very different blades but for the price very good values. Our son carries a Kershaw Blur that I bought when he went to sea back in 2015 and it is still his working knife of choice on board ships. Wally World currently sells them for $58 and that is a steal IMHO. I carry either the Blur or the Leek daily. Very high quality for the price.
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    My favorite budget folder is the kershaw skyline, it's not an assisted opening knife tho. If you want assisted opening then I'd pick the kershaw leek. The mora companions are great utility fixed blades and can be found really cheap. I've used them as camp knives, skinning knives and everything in between.
  8. lazi

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    I'm a big fan of the Kershaw Blur. I am a overall fan of Kershaw and Zero Tolerance knives when it comes down to it but I try not to leave home without my Blur. I haven't gotten any Kershaw fixed blade knives other than a fillet knife. There is one I have always wanted called the Diskin Hunter that isn't really good looking option as far as fixed blade knives.

    Somebody recommended Morakniv fixed blade and I will second that. I have a few and they are always getting used for something or other around my place. I just touch them up with one of then cheap $3 sharpens and they do their thing.

    Its kind of hard to go wrong with any of the popular knives out there. You can spend as much as you want but I have some pretty expensive knives laying around. For the most part that's all they do. Some are real beasts as far as knife go but the cheaper thinner knives that own get a good bit of use. I prefer knives that are 4 to 6 inches with 5 inches being about perfect for most tasks. Some folks like really thick blades but I don't find them all that useful for daily tasks. I'm pretty are I can handle most tasks with a Mora sized blade. And you'll see a lot of videos were guys are chopping up wood with knives but chopping wood just ain't something I'm doing. I do trim my toe nails and cut up some food a good bit though. Which is why my 7 inch Busse Combat blade is sitting somewhere behind the computer collecting dust and my Mora is sitting on a plate of food I just ate. But if the zombies come I ain't screwing around with a Mora lol...
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    I think your question is a bit hard to answer because knives, like guns, are somewhat specialized. An Ideal skinner would differ greatly from a good fighting knife or even an everyday pocket knife. I carry a medium-large automatic knife every day because my job often requires me to get out a knife to hold one end of a tape measure or probe suspicious looking wood looking for rotten spots that somebody is trying to hide with paint (yep, people do that!). When I get the knife out, my hands are usually full of drawing pads, pens, a 100' tape. cameras, etc., leaving only one hand for the knife (the reason an automatic works best). But I wouldn't recommend that knife for most other purposes.

    Good luck in your quest! ;)
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  10. Blondie70

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    I have the Leek and I think the 1776 , which is a much larger knife and thumb opening also. If you stuff a knife like this in your pocket, make sure there is no change in there also....will jam up the knife every time. I think all the Kershaw USA made knives are good ones. Around the house, I carry a Case is the best knife I ever had. 2 blades and both are super good. Don't think a yellow handle Case can be beat.
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  11. onlymaroonmatters

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    Go big or go home: I love my microtech ultratech and spyderco tenacious. Both carried for different specific purposes. When want a fixed blade I clip on my ESEE Izula 2 or when outdoors/hunting/high threat level ESEE 4. But I do like the kershaws and moras mentioned above. For cheaper autos I've read that the kalishnakovs are good for the money.
    And love my buck 110 while hunting/skinning/de-winging.