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Blazing away!

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A friend of mine and SubGunFan's from Indiana visited me last weekend and we did a little shooting.

Thought I'd share a few photos.

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We both had a great time together and stayed busy from the time we got up in the morning until we went to sleep. There were still many things I'd have liked to show him. Maybe next time?

Here's a couple of short videos of Sunday's fun. Click on the images to view the videos.

4 pounds of Tannerite packed in an ammo can at 100+ yards. It was MUCH bigger than it looks.

Chad's first 100 round Beta dump through the 7 1/2" shortie. I think he enjoyed it!

2nd Beta C dump. It's a nasty little beast that'll clear your sinuses.
If you use the full screen viewing feature and look closely, just behind the front sight you can see the gas tube glow cherry red prior to the drum running dry.

Sterling L34A1.

M-16 9mm
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SubGunFan said:
That is the first time I have seen the Sterling video.... The audio does NOT do your Sterling justice......
Videos are seldom useful for judging how quiet a suppressor is or isn't.

I've shot this gun side by side against a MP-5 SD and the Sterling is hands down much quieter. It really is a phenomenal platform and I'm sorry the video doesn't show just how great it performs with standard off the shelf 124 gain ammo. Mechanical noise is all you hear with down range bullet impact being LOUD.
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