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Blem Bullets from Midsouth

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Anyone bought these before? I have some .30 165's, 9mm 124's and .458 350's on the way. The pictures all look like Hornady bullets (of which I am a fan). They were really cheap IMO. The 9mm's were under $10 for 100 hp's. The .30's and .458's were under $20 for 100. If they shoot decently, it will be a bargain!
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give them a visual inspection first. i have bought tons of 375cal blem bullets and well they are sold cheap for a reason.
most common has been out of round. fallowed by the base of the bullets were swoll out. some dont have cores.. never had a cannelure issue.. 10-15% are visually junk out of the box. I would say 60% are up to spec. your 458's and 9mm i wouldnt worry to much about the accuracy but i bet you want accuracy from your 30cal an these bullets "might" not cut it.
only cosmetic????? :bull: :blol: that will be a first.. granted they could have been pulling from the bottom of the bucket when i ordered all mine.
need pics! im reluctant to give them a try after the last batch but if you say they good i might buy a few hundred
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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