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Blem Bullets from Midsouth

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Anyone bought these before? I have some .30 165's, 9mm 124's and .458 350's on the way. The pictures all look like Hornady bullets (of which I am a fan). They were really cheap IMO. The 9mm's were under $10 for 100 hp's. The .30's and .458's were under $20 for 100. If they shoot decently, it will be a bargain!
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I am planning on a few throw aways. What's acceptable? 5-10%? What problems have you found? Misplaced cannelures?
Most of my hunting is inside 100 yds. If they'll expand I'll be happy. They said only cosmetic blemishes that should not affect performance. We'll see. I'll report back.
They said it was a new shipment! Who knows? Won't be my first "learning experience!"
Here's what they say. Don't remember where I came up with them not affecting performance.

Midsouth Shooters - Blem Bullets! IMPORTANT!!! Limited Quantities - Once these are gone, they are gone! OEM Blem Bullets Are Back! These are overruns, cosmetically blemished and incorrectly packaged bullets from a major bullet manufacturer. As part of our agreement to sell these, we can not disclose the bullet manufacturer. Limited Quantities! See The Selection
Got the .30's and 9mm's today. They look just like Hornady products. The .30's look identical to the GMX line, including the double cannelure. There are some cosmetic blemishes, but that is all I have found so far. I did not open the bag, but I will post more details when I load some. I feel like I got one heck of a deal. If I place another order with Midsouth, I will definitely add some more to my order!
I've got these and some .458's coming. I will be ordering more if they are still available.
I'll post some pics of them all when the .458's come in.
According to Midsouth and UPS, my bullets and dies should be here Wednesday. I'll update and post pics then. I'll have a busy week or two ahead of me. I've got to load the .45-70's, scope and zero two rifles, finalize a load for my '06, and load those for deer season. I'll be out of town for a week in November. Our annual training is at the fire academy. Timing sucks!
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