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Brothers N Arms inaugural match

Discussion in 'USPSA & IPSC' started by jdphotoguy, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. jdphotoguy

    jdphotoguy Distinguished Poster

    The new club in Hattiesburg, Brothers N Arms had there inaugural match today and for a brand new USPSA club at a fairly new range, they did an excellent job.

    Thanks to all the folks that made this match possible and another thanks to the hard working folks in Squad 2.

    For those who shot the match, here are the results on Practiscore
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  2. Golfer

    Golfer Distinguished Poster

    Great turnout for their first match. Good job guys !

  3. chbrow10

    chbrow10 Distinguished Poster

    squad 2 should get bonus points for being the first squad to finish the match, right? Why else would John be rushing us so much?
  4. tha1000

    tha1000 Distinguished Poster

    These guys have a great facility for uspsa matches. I'll definitely be back.