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21 1/2” Full Choke Browning A5 Barrel. I found it among some other things at a pawn shop, I have no history on it, the finish was rough. Initially I wasn’t sure if it was manufactured this length, or cut off later, it had been cut down. But someone did a good job re-silver soldering on the Front Sight Base. The ID is now .701,
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which makes it about an Improved Cylinder or Modified. It has a serial number, 150540. Which corresponds to a 1929 A5 (if I’m reading that right). Media blasted to get it back to bare metal. Four cycles of slow rust blue in the damp box, with boiling (40 minutes) and carding after each cycle. Then two cycles of accelerated rust bluing. The accelerated rust blue holds better after a good, thick slow rust base has been built up. 24 hour oil soak, I’ll stick it in inventory, eventually have a customer who’ll need it.
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