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1952 Browning A5, 12 gauge. This shotgun came in not long ago for maintenance/repair. Customer then asked for a Recoil Pad, I use the Pachmayer Decelerator Recoil Pads. When I pulled off the butt plate, there was multiple holes in the stock, so I knew it had seen more than a few Stock Plates. With multiple holes in the Stock, I’ve found out the best thing to do is drill out all the old holes and glue in all new wood Dowels. Most of the time the Pad your putting on will line up directly between two holes. There’s never enough wood for the new Screws. Mark the toe angle, and grind the pad with the jig. Oil sand the edges to smooth them off. I use Black Silicone to fill in the small gaps, plus it helps hold the Pad.
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