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Well I got one to clean. The gun is an older model 2and3/4 inches in very good condition.
The gun is supposed to be not ejecting shells. I have taken off the barrel and the rings are set in the light load position on the magazine tube. The gun is clean inside the receiver.
I am going to put the barrel back on and do some testing before complete disassembly.
My thoughts on what may be contributing to the gun not cycling properly.
1. corrosion in chamber where shell is fired for a few inches.
2. Add on , slip on type recoil pad on Butt- Stock
3. Someone may have put a magnum recoil spring accidently on gun as it seems longer than I remember, I have owned Browning shotguns for the last 47 years..
I plan to shoot the gun and try to make it malfunction.:)
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